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The Hill's 12:30 Report — Debt ceiling compromise? Devil is in the details

The Hill's 12:30 Report — Debt ceiling compromise? Devil is in the details

To view past editions of The Hill's 12:30 Report, click here: To receive The Hill's 12:30 Report in your inbox, please sign up here: --> A midday take on what's happening in politics and how to have a sense of humor about it.* *Ha. Haha. Hahah. Sniff. Haha. Sniff. Ha--breaks down crying hysterically. TALK OF THE MORNING ...

To view past editions of The Hill's 12:30 Report, click here:

To receive The Hill's 12:30 Report in your inbox, please sign up here: 

--> A midday take on what's happening in politics and how to have a sense of humor about it.* 

*Ha. Haha. Hahah. Sniff. Haha. Sniff. Ha--breaks down crying hysterically.


No, there’s no debt ceiling deal … yet:

Most House lawmakers have left town for the Memorial Day weekend, but negotiators who are tasked with preventing an unprecedented federal debt default that could set off a global financial catastrophe (NO PRESSURE GUYS!) are still here tolling away — trying to hammer out something that enough Republicans and Democrats can support.

They have less than a week before the federal government runs out of money and defaults for the first time ever — something leaders across the board say they are striving to avoid. 

Where things stand: As House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and his top deputies have expressed tepid optimism about the status of negotiations, things continue to splinter along the edges. 

The Hill's Emily Brooks reports that hardline conservatives are fuming over the contents of a potential compromise McCarthy's trying to hash out with the White House and warning about collapsing GOP support. 

Multiple lawmakers told The Hill they’d seen outlines that would raise the debt ceiling up to $4 trillion, which they expect would stretch beyond the 2024 elections, without offering much more in spending cuts they are seeking 

“If that were true, that would absolutely collapse the Republican majority for this debt ceiling increase,” Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) said. 

Brooks reports: "A source familiar with the negotiation told The Hill that there is no agreement yet on top line spending levels, nor is there one on a one- or two-year extension of the debt limit. The deal cannot come together, the source said, until there is an agreement on non-defense discretionary spending versus defense spending.

But another source familiar with the negotiations said the two sides are 'making progress,' though IRS issues are still being negotiated." 


Liberal Democrats also are growing increasingly frustrated over the state of negotiations — or even the fact that negotiations have progressed beyond the "clean" debt ceiling hike they initially sought. 

“I mean, we don’t negotiate with terrorists globally," Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) said in a CNN interview. "Why are we gonna negotiate with the economic terrorists here that are the Republican Party?” (The Hill

It’s Friday, May 26, and that means we're counting down the hours to the start of the Memorial Day weekend, if you haven’t kicked off already. I’m Elizabeth Crisp, filling in for Cate with a quick recap of the morning and what’s coming up. Did someone forward this newsletter to you? Sign up here. Send me your tips, add me to your media list, share your funny animal videos and pass along your White House or 2024 campaign gossip: and follow me on Twitter @elizabethcrisp

In Congress 

Bipartisan immigration proposal draws intrigue:

A new immigration proposal with bipartisan support is spurring mixed reactions from lawmakers eager to reform the system following an unorthodox rollout that caught many by surprise.  

The legislation, spearheaded by Reps. María Elvira Salazar (R-Fla.) and Veronica Escobar (D-Texas), was unveiled earlier this week during a bipartisan event, with Republican sponsors wearing blue and some Democrats in red (or at least in purple in Escobar's case). 

The legislation, dubbed the "Dignity Act," would offer a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, while also beefing up border security measures. 

The Hill’s Rebecca Beitsch has the details

???? 2024 

Trump workers reportedly moved boxes before FBI visited Mar-a-Lago:

Workers at former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort removed boxes of papers a day before federal authorities visited the residence last June to recover classified documents, according to a new report from The Washington Post citing unnamed "people familiar with the matter."   

Trump, now seeking the 2024 GOP nomination after losing a reelection bid in 2020, has denied any wrongdoing in the ongoing case. 

Federal authorities found more than 100 classified documents during an August search of Trump's residence, prompting an investigation into more missing documents and the handling of classified information after Trump left office.   

2024 stakes: Trump has largely dismissed the ongoing probe as politically motivated. He launched his 2024 campaign in November.  

Triple trouble: The classified documents investigation is just one that Trump’s currently facing. Special Counsel Jack Smith is also investigating whether Trump should face charges over the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, and Georgia prosecutors are investigating whether Trump illegally attempted to overturn the 2020 presidential election outcome there. 

DeSantis campaign rollout – good for money but Florida gov eschews social media: 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's novel 2024 presidential campaign launch via Twitter earlier this week has been widely ridiculed after it was plagued by technical glitches. But even though he sought out the social media platform for his announcement, the Republican who's trying to take on former President Trump for the GOP nomination says he doesn't even care that much about social media. 

“I’m actually not a big social media guy,” DeSantis said in a Newsmax interview. “I would rather watch [cable news] than be on some app, but it is important for a lot of people.”  

The launch event faced a 20-minute delay, and several users reported they were kicked off the feed repeatedly — something the DeSantis team later claimed was the result of high traffic from voter interest. And it’s worth noting his campaign reported raking in more than $8 million in the first 24 hours after his announcement. 

“I would have asked them to have maybe more capacity and say maybe we’ll get even more people, but I would not have traded for doing a speech,” DeSantis said in the Newsmax interview.

Remember: Trump, notably, rose to prominence through his prolific Twitter feed before taking office and continued using the platform to slam his foes, praise his allies and generally test the political waters.  

His Twitter account was revoked after his supporters mobbed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. It has since been reinstated, but he hasn't used it, instead preferring his own social media platform, Truth Social. (The Hill


DeSantis’s glitch-filled campaign rollout is raising new questions about Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s ambitious plans to take on the cable news industry. 

???? In other news 

Indiana panel disciplines doctor who discussed 10-year-old's abortion:

An Indiana panel has disciplined a doctor who publicly discussed an unnamed 10-year-old rape victim’s abortion, saying that the doctor violated privacy laws. 

Caitlin Bernard, an OB/GYN and assistant professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine, had discussed performing the abortion in June 2022 because it came just after the Supreme Court struck down the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, setting off abortion-restricting trigger laws.  

The state Medical Licensing Board gave Bernard a letter of reprimand and a $3,000 fine. (The Hill

???? Notable tweets 

A sunny start to the long weekend: 

Good news: The folks at Capital Weather Gang tweeted that we can expect a "comfortable, mostly sunny end to our week and the beginning of the holiday weekend. Just a few high clouds and some wind — neither a big deal.”  

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking so sunny for the rest of the weekend. (See tweet here

Tigers on the prowl at the Capitol: 

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) welcomed the National Champion LSU women’s basketball team to the Capitol on Thursday ahead of their White House visit with the president and first lady this afternoon.  

The House may be in crucial negotiations over the debt ceiling, but Scalise, who is a proud LSU alum, and other members of the Louisiana delegation took a little time to show coach Kim Mulkey and the team around. Scalise also gifted them the American flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol the day that the Tigers won the National Championship. (See the pics here)  

On tap 

The House and Senate are gone for the week. President Biden and Vice President Harris are in D.C. 

  • 9:30 a.m.: President Biden received the Presidential Daily Briefing. 
  • 10 a.m.: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin delivered the commencement address at the U.S. Naval Academy.  
  • 2 p.m.: Biden and first lady Jill Biden will host a ceremony for the LSU Tigers Women’s Basketball team to celebrate their 2022-2023 NCAA Championship season. Vice President Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff also will attend. 
  • 5 p.m.: President Biden will welcome the University of Connecticut Huskies men’s basketball team to the White House to celebrate their 2022-2023 NCAA Championship season. Emhoff will attend. 
  • 6:30 p.m.: The Bidens depart the White House en route to Camp David. 

All times Eastern. 

???? In lighter news 

Today is National Cherry Dessert Day! From cherry pies to cherry cheesecake to cherry ice cream, the juicy red fruit is perfect for jumping into summer and the Memorial Day weekend. If you need some inspiration, check out this recipe roundup from the Food Network.

Programming note: 12:30 Report will be back on Tuesday. Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day! And let us all remember the brave heroes who've made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

And because you made it this far, check out this video of a paddleboarder who got a nice surprise when he was joined by a pod of dolphins. ???? 

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