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Starfield Setting & Item Surface In Alleged Bethesda Concept Art


A fresh leak might have unveiled Starfield’s setting, as alleged Bethesda concept art showcases sci-fi-themed ships, items, and set designs.

Gamers are looking forward to learning more about Bethesda’s newest IP, and the latest Starfield leak might have spoiled the developer’s grand reveal. Though fans anxiously await the sci-fi RPG, Bethesda has been extremely secretive about Starfield. The story, gameplay, and setting have been hidden since the game was formally announced back in 2018 during Bethesda’s E3 press conference, and even the release date has been shrouded in mystery. Fans want to know when they’ll get to fly around in an undisclosed sci-fi world, especially if it's anywhere near the size and scope of previous Bethesda games. For now, leaks will have to suffice and the latest is a pretty big one.

Leaks have come and gone like clockwork when it comes to Starfield. There have been several pictures and insider information that was shrugged off or debunked. In February, an industry insider shared an alleged screenshot from Starfield, which unveiled a planetary surface that seemed perfect for the sci-fi saga. However, the scene was from an environmental simulation game called M’yrdalssandur, Iceland. Fans were excited to have gotten their first look at the game, but it all turned out to be a rouse. The latest leak should be taken with a grain of salt, but maybe the first real look at Starfield fans has gotten in a while.

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As reported by Wccftech, a picture reveals a potential setting for Starfield, as well as items that players will be able to collect on their space-faring journey. The concept art was first posted on a subreddit before being swiftly removed. However, fans got a good glimpse at the art, which reveals quite a lot.

The image is likely an unfinished art asset due to its transparency, but it does present some crucial clues. The bottom left corner of the image has a spaceport, a complex-looking sci-fi structure that is in front of two suns. It could be a home base or pit stop for the player. To the right is what looks to be a watch, similar to the Pipboy in the Fallout franchise. A phrase hovering over the watch says “gravitational constant” which could indicate that the watch will be a handy tool in the player’s arsenal. A planet drawn in the bottom right has also been speculated to be Neptune, indicating that Starfield will be set (at least partly) in our solar system.

In the center of the photo is a few ships that look more like a smattering of potential designs rather than a fleet of ships that are working in conjunction. These are likely concepts for assets to be designed in the game. The ships vary in a similar vein to No Man’s Sky, which has a wide range of different ship pre-sets to choose from that are ultimately infinite due to the game’s procedural generation. It hasn’t been confirmed whether Starfield will have a similar process in creating its in-game items and worlds, however, the game will likely take inspiration from the sci-fi adventure game.

The leak could be the Starfield reveal fans have wanted for a long time, or it could be a fake attempt at arousing the internet. Gamers will have to wait until Microsoft’s E3 2021 online press conference next month, as many believe Starfield will make an appearance.

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Source: Wccftech

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