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Dani Dyer, don’t get get a bikini wax before birth – I did & was left holding frozen peas to my burnt bits in agony


PREGNANT Darryl Baker crossed her legs in agony and suffered flashbacks to lying prone with a bag of peas clutched to her most intimate areas when she heard that Dani Dyer’s mum had suggested her girl get a full wax before giving birth.

Speaking to Superdrug TV, Dani, 24, told how she was excited to have her first child with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence, also 24, in January.

Darryl Baker
Darryl Baker had a bikini wax before delivering her daughter Blake – and she doesn’t half regret it[/caption]

But she shocked listeners when she then added her mum Jo Mas had asked her if she was getting a wax beforehand. Dani said: “My mum is really like, as soon as you go round her house, if you’re a woman, she goes ‘Do you need to be waxed?’

“She’s a very odd woman. She loves anything to do with any body parts.”

Because Darryl, 34, married to 42-year-old sales manager Lee and mum to Blake, one, told Dani NOT to go there… explaining she did and it was her worst mistake EVER.

Now Darryl, a writer from London, shares her story to Fabulous:

Dani Dyer revealed that she is keen for her to go for a wax pre-labour[/caption]
Darryl Baker
Darryl says that waxing her vagina while pregnant left her in agony[/caption]

Dani Dyer – congratulations on your baby news! 

You’re in the home stretch now, and soon your little one will be here to turn your entire life upside down, and you’ll experience love like you could never have imagined.

I’m also pregnant – a surprise second pregnancy – and wanted to pass on one pearl of wisdom I learned the hard way first time around. 

I read that your mum Jo insists you wax before giving birth – do not, under any circumstances, let a waxer near your most intimate area. Just. Don’t.

My first baby was born via C-section, something I was told was going to happen from the 20-week mark due to placenta problems. 

The big advantage of knowing you’re going to have a C-section is that you can prepare fully; mentally, physically, and for me, a self-confessed beauty junkie, with a long list of treatments.

Getting a wax in was one of my top priorities, but my God do I wish I’d just neatly trimmed or had a cheeky shave. 

Darryl Baker
Darryl said that she had no idea that waxing during pregnancy can cause intense pain and bruising[/caption]
It was Dani’s mum Jo who suggested she head for a wax before birth[/caption]

A bumpy, itchy shaving rash would have been preferable to the monstrosity that was my vaginal area.

I didn’t know (hadn’t a clue!) that waxing during pregnancy can cause intense pain, redness and bruising, and when I tell you it was red raw like someone had dropped boiling water into my lap I am not being dramatic. 

Two very angry strips of what looked like burned skin were left there. I spent the time leading up to the most important day of my life with bags – yes plural, one each side – of frozen veg between my vag.  

By the time the C-section came around, the redness hadn’t gone down in the slightest, and I was acutely aware as I lay back in the operating theatre and my gown was lifted and pinned up, just what I looked like – just what the team of surgeons, anaesthetists and doctors could see. 

Of course my mind was on my baby, but a planned C-section is a very calm affair and I couldn’t help but cringe at the absolute state of my nether regions. Oh, the shame. My face was no doubt as red as my bikini line. 

Darryl Baker
The redness around Darryl’s vagina was still present when she went into labour[/caption]

And I’m not alone; when I admitted my horror bikini wax to friends and family, others had had the same reaction. 

My step-sister Emily said during a wax her hair wouldn’t shift, but her skin came off instead. And an NCT friend mentioned the words “torn skin” and “blood”. 

Mumsnet users also post in their droves about painful pregnancy waxes, with other, wiser, mothers warning them to avoid at all costs.

For a long time I blamed a bad wax – I saved a fiver by going somewhere else rather than my regular salon.

Two very angry strips of what looked like burned skin were left there. I spent the time leading up to the most important day of my life with bags – yes plural, one each side – of frozen veg between my vag.

Darryl Baker34

But the same thing happened again recently, and I had to walk around in loose-fitting harem pants sans knickers for days in a bid not to irritate the area. FYI hot baths and showers are a mistake. Big. Huge.

Skin during pregnancy can be much more sensitive due to the body producing extra blood and fluids to support a growing baby.

A beautician liberally applying hot wax over it before yanking it off could spell trouble for unsuspecting mums-to be. 

It doesn’t affect everyone in the same way though, and not all expectant mothers will be left with sore, red bits.  

Waxing expert Sam Marshall is the owner of Manchester-based salon The Beauty Guru,  advises against the treatment pre-labour.

Darryl Baker
Darryl recommends that Dani opt for a simple shave or some hair-removal cream[/caption]

“When you’re pregnant your hormones are going crazy, you have surges of hormones, and you are generally more sensitive to everything; you’re emotionally sensitive, physically sensitive because those two always go hand in hand,” she said.

“Also you’ve got a load more blood pumping through your body, pints of it, so you’re going to experience more erythema, which is the redness. It’s just general sensitivity. Most pregnant ladies I think do feel it’s a little bit more sensitive than normal.” 

She adds that you should avoid strip waxing whenever you get an intimate wax, pregnant or not, opting instead for hot wax instead, which is designed to shrink-wrap around the hair follicle, removing it from the root without pulling at the skin. 

So Dani, shave, trim, Veet… keep it ‘70s down there if the mood takes you. Just do not get a wax! 

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