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The Guardian 

Playgrounds of rubbish: can upcycling help Kathmandu defeat trash?

As Kathmandu overflows with trash, the city is seeking not just to transform attitudes to waste – but the waste itself

From the air, Kathmandu seems to have a thousand winking eyes as the sun hits the solar panels installed on many homes across the city.

But on the ground, the sun illuminates something very different: piles of plastic and household rubbish, strewn amongst the pagodas and along the labyrinthine streets.

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Лента светских новостей (слухи, сплетни, сарафанное радио, шоу-бизнес, рейтинги)

The Guardian 

Brexit weekly briefing: launch of the campaign for a 'people's vote'

Cross-party grouping is seeking what it carefully avoids calling a second referendum

Welcome to the Guardian’s weekly Brexit briefing. If you would like to receive it as a weekly email, please sign up here. You can also catch up with our Brexit Means … podcast right here.

Also, producing the Guardian’s independent, in-depth journalism takes time and money. We do it because we believe our perspective matters and it may be your perspective, too. If you value our Brexit coverage, please become a Guardian Supporter. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

Oxford and Cambridge: will elite universities go private and raise fees?

Income loss from tuition fees cap could prompt a break from state control, which other institutions might follow

As universities wait to see if the government will cut tuition fees – and therefore their income – one of the most controversial questions of all is being discussed. Could Oxford and Cambridge universities opt to break free from state control and go private?

The government launched its review of post-18 education in February. With the Tories keen to woo young voters, following Jeremy Corbyn’s commitment to end tuition fees, a reduction of the £9,250 fees cap is widely expected. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

Abe hopes Trump meeting will bring Japan in from diplomatic cold

Japan’s PM wants assurance his country won’t be overlooked in any North Korea deal

Besieged by cronyism scandals that have prompted speculation he will be out of office by early summer, Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, will arrive in the US for talks with Donald Trump this week with a potential foreign policy headache to add to his domestic woes.

With a historic summit between the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, and the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, less than two weeks... Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

‘I’m Spartacus!’: gladiators galore at Nîmes’ Great Roman Games

At one of Europe’s biggest re-enactment spectaculars, this year’s show is Spartacus-themed. So, take a seat in the mighty arena alongside 12,000 spectators (togas optional)

The first gladiator is down, flailing his gladius towards the emperor before being pummelled by a giant hammer (thankfully, into a furrow of sand left by one of the racing chariots). Two “slaves” rush on and drag his body off towards the spoliarium. Suddenly, everyone is up out of their seats: the retiarius (net man) has dropped his trident and the mirmillones (fish men) are closing in.

Nîmes’ Les Grands Jeux Romains (Great Roman Games) is one of the biggest re-enactment spectaculars in Europe. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

Australian nun released after arrest in Philippines for 'illegal political activities'

Lawyer says Sister Patricia Fox, 71, has ‘done nothing wrong’ after she was taken from her house to immigration bureau

An Australian nun who spent 24 hours detained for “illegal political activities” in the Philippines has been released.

Sister Patricia Cox’s lawyer, Jobert Ilarde Pahilga, says an order was made for her release on Tuesday afternoon, a day after the nun was taken from her house to the immigration bureau in Manila.

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The Guardian 

Australian nun arrested in Philippines for 'illegal political activities'

Lawyer says Sister Patricia Fox, 71, has ‘done nothing wrong’ after she was taken from her house to immigration bureau

The lawyer for an Australian nun detained in the Philippines hopes she will be released within hours and allowed to remain in the country given “she’s done nothing wrong”.

Sister Patricia Fox was taken from her house to the immigration bureau in Manila on Monday where she was detained for “illegal political activities”, the secretary general of the leftist Bayan (Nation) movement... Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

China's ZTE deemed a 'national security risk' to UK

Telecommunication companies told not to deal with Chinese manufacturer, while US imposes fresh sanctions for illegal sale of sensitive technology

Britain’s cyber-security watchdog has warned telecommunications companies against dealing with the Chinese manufacturer ZTE, citing “potential risks” to national security.

The US commerce department has imposed a seven-year-ban on companies selling products and services to ZTE – which makes mobile phones and network equipment – alleging it failed to crack down on personnel who sold sensitive US technology to Iran and North Korea. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

Traditional Indian sweet snacks: a recipe for jalebi | Tamal Ray

Jalebi are traditional Indian street snacks made with swirls of sweet batter. And they’re quick, fun and irresistible to make at home, too

Indian sweets are the Marmite of the pudding world: either you can’t stand their intense sweetness or you would happily sit chomping them all afternoon. Jalebi were my favourite as a child – golden, almost iridescent swirls of crisp batter soaked in a spiced sugar syrup. Traditionally, the batter is left overnight to ferment, giving it a sour tang. I’ve taken a shortcut and used yoghurt, but if you have any spare sourdough starter, it would make a perfect base for jalebi batter. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

'Tonight I'm going to die': the Iraqi women targeted by rapists

Amnesty reports that women suspected of Isis links face sexual violence in IDP camps, amid claims they are being denied aid

Iraqi women suspected of family links to Islamic State extremists are facing a campaign of sexual violence and exploitation in displacement camps inside the country, according to a hard-hitting report from Amnesty International.

The accounts of violence, including rape, come amid claims that authorities are also denying aid to the women, as well as refusing them... Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

‘By the age of 16, I had been shot at, cut in the face and stabbed in the chest’ | Karl Lokko

A former gang leader says he is proof that church-run projects can turn young men’s lives around

Until I was about 12 years old my only offence was playing ball games where it said “No ball games allowed”. But that all changed after the first time I witnessed someone being shot on the Myatts Field estate in Brixton, south London where I lived with my family. After firing his gun, the shooter ran towards me and my friends, took off his jumper, put it by one of our makeshift goalposts and told us to keep playing. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

Dream ticket: how sleep became a billion-dollar business

Tiredness is the new norm – no wonder companies are selling sleep aids from spooning robots to cuddle blankets. How did a restful night become a luxury item?

Rockwell Shah speaks with almost evangelical zeal about sleep. He is the CEO of Pzizz, an app that “designs dynamic audio” to get you to “sleep at the push of a button”; for him, bedtime is a “sleep experience”. Does he use his own app? “Oh my God! All the time.” As a sleep entrepreneur, what is his bedtime routine like – does he swear by camomile tea or special pyjamas? Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

How to get rich quick in Silicon Valley | Corey Pein

Corey Pein took his half-baked startup idea to America’s hottest billionaire factory – and found a wasteland of techie hustlers and con men

The most desirable career of the 21st century, with numerous advantages over other fast-growing occupations such as hospice carer and rickshaw driver, is being a billionaire. Prior to the incorporation of US Steel in 1901, the world didn’t have a single billion-dollar company, much less a billion-dollar individual. Today, more people than ever are becoming billionaires – 2,000 and counting have made the great leap upward, according to the “global wealth team” at Forbes. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

Brexit legislation caught in parliamentary logjam

Almost half the bills needed to pave way for leaving EU have yet to be introduced to parliament

A parliamentary logjam will mean the government is likely to struggle to pass vital legislation paving the way for leaving the EU before the parliamentary vote on the final Brexit deal.

Almost half of all the legislation that is needed has yet to be even introduced by ministers.

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The Guardian 

'Shameful day in Washington': five years after gun reform failed, is change coming?

After Sandy Hook, gun reform collapsed in Congress. Today, the momentum is with young activists: ‘These kids are the ones we’ve been waiting for’

Hours after a gunman shot and killed 20 children and six educators at the Sandy Hook elementary school, Barack Obama was visibly struggling with how he would respond to the unspeakable tragedy while huddling with his aides inside the Oval Office.

It was 14 December 2012, the day Obama would later deem the most difficult of his presidency. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

The zealots will sleepwalk us into Brexit if we let them | Rafael Behr

Brexit fatigue is letting Theresa May off the hook, and obscuring the fact that a U-turn remains our best option

Brexit was predicted to be many things – triumphant, calamitous, impossible, a cinch – but never boring. Yet with less than a year to go, and vital questions still unanswered, Westminster’s interest has palpably waned. That partly reflects public disengagement. Europe is not raised much on the doorstep, say MPs, who are mostly grateful to talk about other things.

Related: Brexit looks bad on all fronts. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

Japan offers to lend hand in China's 'toilet revolution'

Home of the hi-tech toilet offers technological support to help Xi Jinping in his mission to update lavatories across the country

Japan has reportedly offered its expertise in the subject of high-tech toilets to China to help the nation on its mission to revolutionise lavatories across the country.

In high-level meetings on Sunday and Monday, officials from China and Japan pledged to improve ties, from cooperating on North Korea to avoiding a global trade war, and potentially working... Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

New Zealanders deploy helicopters and thermal imaging to search for lost dogs

Thousands of dollars, and hours, have been spent on searches for beloved canines at least three times in the past year

Helicopters, thermal-imaging equipment and thousands of volunteers are being deployed in the search for missing dogs in New Zealand, which has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the OECD.

In three separate cases this year, the search for missing dogs has attracted huge resources, thousands of dollars in donations and filled hundreds of hours as desperate... Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

After a bruising year, the kindness of strangers made our wedding unforgettable | Kat Patrick

As I drove around the city to pick up boxes of secondhand decorations, I was overwhelmed with the loveliness of it all

During the marriage equality campaign, it became harder to trust strangers as a queer couple. Homophobia had become a valid, widely publicised, political argument again. So when it was announced that Australia had voted yes to same-sex marriage, we felt relieved and bruised and exhausted. In spite of this, we both still wanted, and needed, to get married. Our plan was to create something positive... Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

Syria: Russia says inspectors will be allowed into Douma

Inspectors due to visit site on Wednesday but US says Russians have already been there with possible intent to thwart fact-finding mission

Chemical weapons experts would arrive in Douma on Wednesday to probe an alleged poison gas attack, Russia said, as the US voiced fears Moscow may already have “tampered with” evidence at the site.

Following weekend missile strikes on Syria by the US, France and Britain, Russia traded accusations with western nations on Monday, dismissing as... Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

More than 95% of world's population breathe dangerous air, major study finds

Poorest are hardest hit with many developing countries falling behind on cleaning up toxic air pollution

More than 95% of the world’s population breathe unsafe air and the burden is falling hardest on the poorest communities, with the gap between the most polluted and least polluted countries rising rapidly, a comprehensive study of global air pollution has found.

Cities are home to an increasing majority of the world’s people, exposing billions to unsafe air, particularly in developing countries, but in rural areas the risk of indoor air pollution is often caused by burning solid fuels. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

Cardinal George Pell targeted to punish Catholic church, defence lawyer says

Robert Richter says historic sexual abuse allegations against Pell invented by ‘thwarted’ people to punish the church

Cardinal George Pell has been targeted with historic sexual abuse allegations in an attempt to punish the Catholic church for its failure to prevent other instances of child sexual abuse, his lawyer has argued.

Pell, 76, has been charged with multiple historic sexual offences. He has vehemently denied the charges. Further description of the charges against Pell cannot... Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

NBA playoffs: Warriors race past Spurs as Heat end Sixers' 17-game win streak

  • Golden State stake two-games-to-none lead over San Antonio
  • Dwyane Wade scores 28 off bench as Heat tie series at one-all
  • Embiid on Instagram: “fucking sick and tired of being babied”

Kevin Durant sparked a decisive third-quarter run on the way to 32 points, Klay Thompson added 31 points and five assists in another superb playoff performance and the Golden State Warriors rallied in the second half to beat the San Antonio Spurs 116-101 on Monday night for a 2-0 lead in their first-round series.

As Stephen Curry remains out likely for the entire series nursing a sprained left knee, the defending champions used all the offensive power they had to take both home games in the best-of-seven series. Читать дальше...

The Guardian 

NBA playoffs: Joel Embiid 'tired of being babied' as Heat cool Sixers to tie series

  • Dwyane Wade scores 28 off bench as Heat tie series at one-all
  • Sixers beaten on home court for second time since Christmas
  • Embiid on Instagram: “fucking sick and tired of being babied”

Dwyane Wade snuffed out one 76ers’ rally by popping a 16ft fadeaway with the shot clock ticking down. Wade made a halfhearted attempt at reaching his hand out toward a fallen defender before he scooted on his way.

Wade was up, the Sixers were down and suddenly, a series.

... Читать дальше...

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