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The Apocalypse has never been more relaxing in tinyBuild’s new cozy base builder

Base building has never been more relaxing or enjoyable in this quirky, cozy post-apocalyptic survival game.

Who says surviving the apocalypse can’t also be relaxing? While most post-apocalyptic survival games focus on defending against hordes of zombies or some other man-eating monsters, I Am Future from tinyBuild slows things down a bit to focus more on enjoying the peaceful serenity of a world without all those noisy humans, well except for yourself of course. 

Just look at the sing-along trailer to see the brave new world for yourself.  

After waking up on the top of an overgrown skyscraper, players are left to explore the abandoned ruins of Cosmopolis—a once thriving metropolis that now lies in flooded ruins. Clearly, many years have passed since the ruin of civilization as nature has crept back into make its home among the once towering, gleaming monoliths of metal and glass. 

The only things left to explore are the rooftops of the remaining buildings surrounded by overgrown billboards, grass, trees, and all sorts of creatures. It’s a beautiful world with all sorts of things to gather and discover. Just don’t get caught out alone after dark—who knows what strange creatures are roaming after the sun goes down?

Build your base however you desire

(Image credit: tinyBuild)

Disassemble old appliances for parts to build new gadgets

(Image credit: tinyBuild)

Each new area to explore offers players additional tools and resources to craft appliances and gadgets (including a cyborg hand!), droids to disassemble, exotic ingredients to gather, and more. After a hard days work, gamers can automate their daily chores to kick back and relax while the robots take care of the annoying tasks that no one wanted to do even before the world went to hell. 

There’s a ton of cool areas to explore

(Image credit: tinyBuild)

All the time saved not having to do chores means you can pick up a new hobby. Since the entire city is basically flooded, there’s never been a better place to learn how to fish. And to make sure there’s always enough to eat, players can try their hand at farming crops and even gathering exotic foods to cook in the most scenic rooftop kitchen ever. 

But it’s not just about farming and building cool stuff. There are plenty of clues and relics left behind from the battle between UNICORP and the other massive corporations that brought about the end of society as we know it. Collect items and piece together the story of what happened—and how you ended up alone on a roof. 

Explore the map to find clues to the apocalypse

(Image credit: tinyBuild)

The best thing about I Am Future is that it really does let you get completely immersed in the experience without having to waste hours and hours grinding for the tiniest amounts of resources or fighting off ever-increasing hordes of enemies. It’s a great game for those who love to gather, organize, craft, build and create their own experience. It’s also a game where you can take pride in your work and embark on exciting quests. 

I Am Future is coming out later this year with a target Early Access date of May 18. You can follow all the updates on Twitter and YouTube, and you can even sign up for their mailing list for the chance to participate in some early playtests before launch. Download the demo now on Steam and add it to your wish list for when it releases later this year.  


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