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36H Phil Wood Hubs laced weinamnn concave rims/ Roly Poly Tires 700c

Vintage phil wood hubs laced to weinman concave 700c rims in decent shape. There is a little bit of oxidation on the hubs and the set need cleaned in general but they spin smooth and the tires have some life left in them. 6 speed freewheel. No skewers. $150 + shipping. Image:...

«SFGate» (sfgate.com) 

Tuition jumps for community, technical college students

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Officials say community college and applied technology students in Tennessee will see minimal increases in tuition this fall. The Knoxville News Sentinel reported Monday that students at community colleges will face a 2.7 percent jump in tuition rates, while tuition at colleges of applied technology will rise by 3 percent. The figures represent the second lowest tuition increase in 27 years for the College System of Tennessee. With community college charged per credit hour... Читать дальше...

The Washington Times 

How to Obtain your Medical Marijuana Card in the DMV with Veriheal

In 2012, Colorado and Washington State approved groundbreaking policy measures to legalize recreational cannabis. Public opinion in support of cannabis use continues to push ballot measures to approve both recreational marijuana use for adults over 21 and also medical marijuana for medicinal purposes. Despite marijuana’s illegal status under federal law, ...

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Travel Troubleshooter: Flights canceled, but refund still up in the air

Q: My wife and I booked air travel through Expedia from Boston to Madrid via Dublin on Aer Lingus. The airline canceled our outbound flight because of weather in Dublin. Neither Expedia nor Aer Lingus notified us of the cancellation (each claims this was the responsibility of the other party). When we arrived at the Logan Airport in Boston and learned that the flight was canceled, Aer Lingus put us on a direct flight from Boston to Madrid scheduled to depart the next day. Читать дальше...

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Inside That Tearful Paul Heyman Promo on ‘Raw’ – Could It Actually Win WWE an Emmy? (Video)

If Paul Heyman’s tearful interview performance last Monday on WWE flagship series “Raw” wasn’t the most skillful wrestling promo of all time, but many fans and entertainment critics would tell you that it’s right up there. It was so good, in fact, that some people are even talking about Emmy consideration — yes, seriously, and for a (somewhat) rehearsed interview from a fake sport. Don’t take our word — or that of the “marks,” an unflattering wrestling term for a fan who buys into everything the organization tells them to — about the merits Heyman’s performance... Читать дальше...

Lost River Cycling Club, Boise 

Riding HiRide's semi-active suspension system for road bikes

This article first appeared on BikeRadar.

With technologies such as disc brakes and tubeless tyres rapidly becoming the norm on road bikes, is it feasible that suspension could be the next big thing for those who stay on the road?

BikeRadar recently headed across to Milan, Italy, to visit suspension experts HiRide and try out a road bike equipped with its ESAS semi-active suspension system.


  • Full-suspension gravel bike breaks cover in Taipei
  • Why the next-gen adventure road bike is a mountain bike in disguise

HiRide’s ESAS suspension system in detail

HiRide's ESAS system fitted to a Pinarello K10S frame

With ESAS, HiRide claims to have launched the first electronic suspension system for road bikes. Читать дальше...

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MLB Names J.D. Martinez As Its American League Payer Of The Week

Major League Baseball announced today that Red Sox DH/OF J.D. Martinez was named American League Player Of The Week. Martinez hit 464/.531/1.071 (13-for-28) during the week—with five doubles, four homers and eleven RBIs. In Saturday's doubleheader sweep, Martinez hit two HRs. J.D. enters Monday leading MLB in home runs (37) and RBIs (104). This marks the second time this season that Martinez has been named Player Of The Week—his first occurring on May 20th. His Red Sox teammate Xander Bogaerts won the honor in July. Читать дальше...


These are the top five trends shaping the future of digital health


The healthcare industry is in a state of disruption. Digital solutions are becoming a necessary part of the new global standard of care for patients and regulation is being fast-tracked to catch up to digital health innovation.

These rapid changes will have ripple effects across the entire healthcare system, impacting incumbents and new entrants alike.

Based on our ongoing analysis, understanding of industry trends, and conversations with industry executives, Business Insider Intelligence... Читать дальше...

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Normal’s Chirino and Lake Erie’s Romero Take Home Weekly Awards

Normal CornBelters Santiago Chirino and Lake Erie’s Alex Romero were named Frontier League Player and Pitcher of the Week, respectively as chosen by Pointstreak, the official statistical provider of the Frontier League and the Independent Professional Baseball Federation.   Santiago Chirino has spent his entire Frontier League career as part of the Normal CornBelters, he […]

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Elizabeth Warren's allegation of racism blasted by Yarmouth police chief

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's blast at the "racist" criminal-justice system may have won her points with the progressive crowd at Netroots Nation, but not so much with the men and women in blue back in Massachusetts.

Yarmouth Police Chief Frank G. Frederickson condemned her remarks "an insult to the hard working ...

The Seattle Times 

Argentina’s Fernandez denies charges in corruption case

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez is denying any wrongdoing following recent accusations that she was responsible for a corruption scheme involving public works contracts. Fernandez said in a written statement presented to a federal court Monday that the accusations are false and politically motivated. More than a dozen people have […]

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Argentina's Fernandez denies charges in corruption case

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez is denying any wrongdoing following recent accusations that she was responsible for a corruption scheme involving public works contracts. Fernandez said in a written statement presented to a federal court Monday that the accusations are false and politically motivated. More than a dozen people have been arrested in the case. They include business leaders and former officials who served in Fernandez's 2007-2015 administration. Читать дальше...

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Replacing Original Saddle on '78 Raleigh Super Course

Finally getting around to replacing the very worn original saddle on my '78 Raleigh Super Course. Waited so long because I found the saddle to be one of the most comfortable I've ever used. I've got an old Selle Italia Turbo that's not being used. That could go on, but I'd like to keep the look of...

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